Harvesting Desiree potatoes

Finally a decent crop of potatoes! If you've been keeping up with my potato efforts of late you would have seen that I have been rather unsuccessful when it comes to harvesting my spuds - in short they were too few and too small and this didn't fill me with confidence when it comes to

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#MyRealView on the Carrot Tops plot

OK, I'll admit it - I'm totally guilty of Instagramming my allotment and using the filters to make everything look dreamy and idealistic. I'll also confess that I'm guilty of positioning things so eloquently so that it really does highlight how great an allotment or a garden can be - which I'm sure, probably doesn't

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Planting Garlic: Germindour, Cristo and Thermidrome

Planting garlic is one of the easiest of foods to grow, and one that gives a great return. Garlic is one of those food stuffs that I'm constantly buying from the shops - we use so much of it at home, practically with any dish that uses a diced onion. Garlic, for me is one

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Planting potatoes for Christmas: International Kidney (Jersey Royals)

Planting potatoes for Christmas is something I've always wanted to try and do. I've been fortunate enough to plant  International Kidney, but not entirely out of design. 

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Harvesting British Queen potatoes – learning from my mistakes

British Queen potatoes were the variety of second early potatoes I chose to grow in my Victory Garden. Around two weeks ago I took my fork and decided to harvest them from the ground. Sadly, I have to admit, I was a little bit disappointed. Like everything you grow at the allotment, you're always hoping for

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Blackberries: Autumn pruning

This year I've had a superb haul off of the blackberry bushes located toward the bottom of the plot. These blackberries grow wild at the plot and if they're kept under control you can train the wild sprouts into some really decent plants and make use of the fruits that come with them. Soon after

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Dealing with tomato blight

I thought I'd gotten from getting a touch of tomato blight this year, but it turns out that in the end I wasn't so lucky. I visited the allotment this week and I found that my Gardener's Delight tomato plants were showing the early signs of blight - something I've not had now for about

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