Harvesting Desiree potatoes

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Finally a decent crop of potatoes! If you’ve been keeping up with my potato efforts of late you would have seen that I have been rather unsuccessful when it comes to harvesting my spuds – in short they were too few and too small and this didn’t fill me with confidence when it comes to harvesting my main crop potatoes.

I originally decided to grow Desiree potatoes because of the video below. Gordon Ramsay makes homemade fish fingers and he said that the secret to a great chip is in the potato and he uses Desiree potatoes to make his chips with a paprika twist. Watch it, it’s awesome!

Anyway, at this point I’m going to make a little bit of confession, I wasn’t going to harvest my Desiree potatoes – I was prepared to just let them rot into the ground. But! As is always the way with allotments I decided to dig them because I thought I have nothing to lose and I’m glad that I did!

I must admit, there were a few marbles among them – but overall there were some decent spuds among them and for that I am truly grateful.

Desiree are great potatoes, they’ve mashed up superbly and they’re really good for roasting and chipping. I’m definitely going to grow these again next year and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

I’ve got a few small ones left over so I’ll update you with a cracking potato salad I’ve made.

Have you grown Desiree potatoes before? What’s your opinion? I for one would love to know what it is.

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