Last Minute Mother’s Day Presents

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I’m hoping you’re more prepared than I am when it comes to gardening and Mother’s Day and that you’ve managed to purchase a gift in time. If not, do not fear… Here’s some quick fixes to get you through that last minute Mother’s Day rush.

Remember – you can always say, “I ordered it, but it didn’t arrive in time because.. you know.. it’s Mother’s Day!”…

  1. Set of 10 Metal Hanging Flower Pots With Drainage Holes – – Colourful flower pots to hang around here and there. Speaks for itself, colourful, vibrant and very pretty.
  2. Plant Theatre Boozy Gardeners Kit- – Everything you need to create great cocktails from the plants on a pot on the windowsil or outside. Lovely stuff!
  3. Plant Theatre Cocktail Garden Kit – – Same as the above, but with a different set of seeds. My advice would be to buy both 2 and 3 of this list… Just incase one cocktail isn’t enough.

  4. Celebration Roses 3.5 Litre “Special Mum” – – Nothing says “I love you mum” more than you saying it carrying a rose called ‘Special Mum’.

  5. Plant Theatre 2 Willow Teacup Planters – – The gift that keeps on giving. Wicker planters in the shape of tea cups…

  6.  ‘Mum’s Kitchen’ Herb Garden Windowsill Planter – – Oh yeah, now we’re talking, a planter with ‘Mum’ written on it. Personal and useful!
  7. Bareroot Hybrid Tea Garden Rose Bush ‘Mum in a Million’ – – what’s better than saying, “Mum you’re one in a million”? You saying “You’re a mum in a million” whilst giving her a rose called “Mum in a Million” 

  8. Magnet & Steel Please Close the Gate Cast Iron Landscape Sign – – This is to replace the last sign that broke because you didn’t close the gate and it slammed in the wind…

  9. Anything personalised by Loldeantimber – – Don’t you think that ‘Mum’ can sometimes be a little bit too generic? Do not fear, these guys are brilliant and have a range of personalised items for you to choose from.
  10. Plastic Claws Gardening Gloves – – Freddy Kruger called, he said he wants his gloves back. As weird as they look, the videos sure make them look useful…

    Good luck fellow sons and daughters!


  1. Belinda March 25, 2017 at 9:39 am - Reply

    Gloves are a bit creepy – more of a Halloween gift I think 🙂
    Love the wooden baskets though!

    • Adam Leone March 26, 2017 at 10:36 am - Reply

      Ha! I thought that too – although it makes perfect sense 🙂 Would love to try them out!

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