Why weeding is so important

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Weeding at an allotment or in garden is a constant battle at this time of year. As temperatures rise and stay at a constant, plants of all kinds will grow at the same rate. A weed by definition is… “A wild (not deliberately cultivated) plant growing where it is not wanted.” Keeping on top of […]

May 23, 2016

Tips on dealing with Hayfever

Allotment jobs

Hayfever can ruin any garden experience – there’s nothing worse than sitting there sniffling, sneezing and blowing your nose.
The long winter 2013 has spurred on trees and crops to release pollen without notice, making it a bad year for pollen sufferers.

Follow these tips to reduce the symptoms.
1) Take a daily, non-sedating anti-histamine tablet. A range are available from chemists.

2) Use a steroid nasal spray. These work by preventing inflammation in the nasal passages, but they take several days to take effect – so be patient.

3) The pollen count is at its highest early in the morning and in the evening – so at these times try to stay indoors and keep windows closed.

4) Pollen can stick to your clothing and your hair. Give your outdoors clothes a good shake before you come indoors, and wash your hair regularly.

5) Sunglasses can help to protect eyes from pollen as well as harmful U-V rays.

May 13, 2016

Dealing with slugs

Allotment jobs

Slugs are one of the creatures that are in abundance in any garden environment. They eat away at leaves, stems, flowers and roots in the dead of night leaving nothing but carnage in their wake. Naturally so! As the temperature begins to rise and you start to see things grow at the allotment and you’ll […]

February 2, 2016

Cleaning pots and trays

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Cleaning pots and trays is good practice as keeps down mould, blight and other conditions that may have an impact on your plants and seedlings If you haven’t already, the chances are you’ll be using pots for seeds, seedlings and plants as the weather starts to improve the temperature rises. It doesn’t matter if you […]

January 28, 2016

Looking after your allotment tools

Allotment jobs

Doing  a maintenance check on your allotment tools is one of those satisfying jobs you can do at this time of year that will pay dividends later on. Cleaning and looking after your tools helps them last longer and in return, they’ll look after you.  As you use your tools they’ll get caked up in […]

January 19, 2016