Mounding up Brussels Sprouts

Brenden F1, Brussels Sprout

It’s taken me all year to grow this sprouts and if I’m honest, other than the odd weeding session here and there I haven’t really given my sprouts much tender loving care. We’re having quite a mild winter so far so I thought I’d mound up the base of the plants with mulch to help […]

December 18, 2016

Seed update February 2016

Brenden F1, Broad Beans, Brussels Sprout, Bunyards Exhibition, De Carentan 2, Golden Gourmet, Kelvedon Wonder, Leek, Peas, Red Sun, Shallots

It’s been quite a busy month and so far I’ve been managed to plant shallots, garlic and sown broad beans, brussels sprouts, leeks, lettuces and peas. Since then, however, I have been battling some pests as my seedlings did get eaten by a little mouse.  I can’t blame the little blighters as the weather has been […]

February 20, 2016

Sowing Brussels Sprouts Brenden F1

Brenden F1, Brussels Sprout

Love them or hate them, brussels sprouts are certainly an acquired taste, but like most fruit and vegetables nothing beats a crop that’s been grown by your own fair hand. I’ve decided to give brussels sprouts a go this year and I’ve chosen a fairly new variety to the market – Brussels sprouts Brenden F1 Brenden […]

February 10, 2016