Seed update February 2016

Brenden F1, Broad Beans, Brussels Sprout, Bunyards Exhibition, De Carentan 2, Golden Gourmet, Kelvedon Wonder, Leek, Peas, Red Sun, Shallots

It’s been quite a busy month and so far I’ve been managed to plant shallots, garlic and sown broad beans, brussels sprouts, leeks, lettuces and peas. Since then, however, I have been battling some pests as my seedlings did get eaten by a little mouse.  I can’t blame the little blighters as the weather has been […]

February 20, 2016

Sowing Leeks: De Carentan 2

De Carentan 2, Leek

In the spirit of getting a head start on things and trying to make sense of this weather, I’ve decided to sow some leeks. The variety I’ve chosen is called De Carentan 2, which is a variety said to be ideal for novice gardeners. De Carentan 2 is very old, French variety of leek and […]

January 21, 2016