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Allotment Diary / Thursday, June 8th, 2017

As an allotmenter, it’s safe to say that I’m a bit of an environmentalist at heart. I’m always trying to do my bit one way or another for the environment, whether it’s not taking home a plastic bag from the shops or thinking about the packaging that comes with the products we consume. I’m even in the process of  using up all of my cosmetics and switching to Lush products as they have a very commendable environmental track record.

In my opinion, the amount of waste in the world at the moment is something we’ve all been responsible for – so I’ve built a website that hopes to combat this. It’s called It’s something skip hirers, skip divers and skip hire companies who have to pay to get rid of their skipped items will be interested in.

The ideology is a simple one – List your skip and let others come and help themselves to its contents. Gather free materials from skips near you.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the contents of most skips, especially when the stuff thrown away might be useful to somebody else? The sad thing is most of it goes to landfill. So how about a new scheme which shares information about what’s in the skips near you? The launch of is designed to do just that, helping people to help themselves as well as making a vital contribution to the going-green revolution. is not only a unique and friendly way to reduce skip hire costs, it also cuts the amount of waste at landfill sites and offers access to free local materials that would otherwise be thrown away. And it’s FREE!

How it works
If you’ve hired a skip and it’s getting full – register your skip for others to take whatever it is you no longer need. If you’re looking for free materials, pop in your postcode and find what’s available near you.

Reduce clearance costs
Others removing items and resources from your skip will reduce costs as you’ll then have more room in the skip for your own waste items and won’t need to order extra skips.

Access free materials locally
If you’re looking for materials to use in your garden, allotment or wherever – you can find items available near you.

Reduce landfill
Upcycling and recycling items in today’s skips reduces landfill – which is great for the environment. exploits a loophole in wastage laws in a green and friendly way, with users of the service declaring that the items in the skip are no longer classed as waste – but instead as a resource for others to acquire and use. Current waste laws, therefore, no longer apply with each submission.

I’m secretly hoping that this is a scheme that will take off and I can make a small difference to the world. But ultimately, time will tell.

Go fourth and recycle with!

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