Butternut squash and garlic soup


Word of warning with this one – if you’re planning on going on a date or interacting with people on a conversational level, be sure to pack some mints or breath fresheners – other than that, this is a great soup which really does make you feel warm and cosy inside. Ingredients  2 whole garlic […]

November 30, 2014

Borscht – Beetroot Soup


Going down with a cold? Borscht this down the hatch – this beetroot soup is unbelievably good for you (and kind of funky looking!) Ingredients  4-5 decent sized beetroot, peeled and grated 2 onions, diced 2 carrots, cut into coins  5 tomatoes, diced 1.2 litres of vegetable stock 1 knob of butter 3 celery sticks, diced 1 […]

November 22, 2014